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Kathy Loftus, Global Sustainability Director, Whole Foods Market


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"The standardized label initiative for recycling bins is one of the top environmental fixes taking root today."


Another firm that is offering clients R.A.A.'s standardized labels is Veolia Environmental Services, one of the largest hauling and disposal companies in the world, which manages waste and recycling for many Fortune 500 corporations. "We started using the labels this year with a number of accounts and already we've seen an impact in the amount of recyclables collected," noted Kevin Zenkevich, senior director for strategic accounts. "We've seen increases of more than 50 percent in recycling volumes."

The New York Times

Great Forest is proud to be working with Recycle Across America on this nationwide movement to improve recycling through the use of standardized labels. Across the country, building tenants and property managers have been telling us that the labels are easy to understand, while janitorial crews are reporting that the labels help them to correctly identify the different waste streams quickly. We are seeing less confusion, more recycling success, and we anticipate a continuation of this trend as more corporations and organizations work with us to adopt standardized labels as part of their waste and recycling program.

Magdalene Sim

Director of Communications, Great Forest

We are happy to see an increase in school participation, as well as less contamination. And the most impactful aspect of the sign donation is the opening of communications between the Recycling Center and the School District to create uniformity and expansion across the School District’s recycling program.  This is something we’ve been striving towards for years and RAA is making it happen.

Heather Overholser

Solid Waste and Recycling Superintendent, Teton County

"Since using the standardized labels our recycling levels have increased 75% and we have donated $250,000 to provide free standardized labels for K-12 schools in the U.S. Since 2009 and with the help of Recycle Across America, Kiehl’s has collected 2,500,000 empty Kiehl’s bottles from our shoppers and recycled them on their behalf, while also rewarding them with free products. It’s proven that by simplifying the process, we can truly create change."

Chris Salgardo

President of Kiehl’s Since 1851

"We have already introduced the RAA labels in certain markets and are seeing great results!"

Alex Liftman

Bank of America Global Environmental Executive

"Implementing solutions to make it easier for the general public to recycle 'properly' needs to be our number one focus if we want to increase recycling rates. Comprehensive and universal labels are critical to advancing recycling in the U.S. Now is the time to put national standardized labels in place."

Mark Lichtenstein

President National Recycling Coalition

"Society-wide standardized labels on recycling bins has the potential to create world-change. Somehow we have overlooked this very simple, effective solution - a solution which includes all people everywhere. The effect of improving recycling rates is vast; it is far greater than just reducing landfill use. The impact transcends across industries, cultures, economies and the global environment. It creates new jobs, improves manufacturing efficiencies and significantly helps to protect all natural resources."

Michele Whyle

Head of Sustainability, 3M

"Since our Fortune 500 accounts have been using the standardized labels their recycling levels has increased more than 50%!"

Kevin Federick

Account Services Veolia (largest waste & recycling hauler globally)

"In our pilot program with the standardized labels, our recycling levels doubled. So now we are using the labels throughout the entire school district."

Cully Nordby

Waste Coordinator Culver City Unified School District

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In our ongoing mission to be environmentally responsive, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority is pleased to partner with Recycle Across America to implement the standardized labeling system for recycling bins in all of our terminals. With over 42 million annual passengers and 18,000 employees at Orlando International Airport, we embrace this opportunity to promote the consistent message of recycle more and recycle right throughout all our facilities.

Phil Brown

Executive Director, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

My alma mater, University of Denver, was one of the early institutions to adopt the labeling from Recycle Across America over 5 years ago. As an unbiased student, I can tell you that the labels around campus and in our cafeterias were beyond helpful, apparently it reduced around 90% of recycling contamination as well as heavily increased the total amount of material recycled at DU. 

John R. Seydel

Sustainability Director for the City of Atlanta

The FIRST CITY to use the standardized labels on their residential carts experienced a 26% increase in the city's recycling levels!

Our recycling levels have never been higher! We're so happy to be a part of the standardized label initiative.

Abby Gulden

Sustainability Director, City of Winter Park, FL

Last summer Recycle Across America was able to donate 25,000 standardized labels to all of the Public Schools in Orlando (OCPS) in 2015-2016, thanks to a donation from Bank of America. OCPS had conducted waste and recycling audits for 2 years prior to receiving their standardized labels. As a direct result of using the standardized labels on their recycling bins, OCPS's recycling levels increased nearly 90% and OCPS saved over $369,000 (net savings!) in trash hauling services!!

Jennifer Fowler

When the Whole Foods Market - North Atlantic Region started using the standardized labels in their stores, their recycling levels increased so dramatically in the first year - that despite opening three new stores in that region that year, the overall amount of materials that went to the landfills for the year region-wide was less than the previous year's total prior to opening the three new stores.  


Even with more stores, there was less waste going to landfills due to the standardized labels increasing their region's recycling levels. 

Karen Franczyk

Whole Foods North Atlantic Region

"Having a standardized labeling system across North America will eliminate confusion and improve our recycling rates across film and TV production operations. Recycle Across America is offering wonderful, workable solutions."

Shannon Schaefer-Bart

Sustainable Production Manager, NBC Universal

"The Green Schools National Network would like to thank Recycle Across America for developing national standardized labels for recycling bins for our schools. Your program is an essential element that will advance the national green and healthy school movement. Recycle Across America will assist all of our future generations to develop lifestyle habit that will ensure a sustainable world."

Jim McGrath

President Green Schools National Network

"Having worked in the glass manufacturing industry for over 25 years, I can attest to the confusion. A great deal of the material disposed of in recycling bins is often land-filled due to the contamination. National standardized labels can help remedy the process for the collection workforce, consumers, and end-users."

Joseph Cattaeno

Retired President Glass Packaging Institute

"Get on the bandwagon with Recycle Across America... Widespread use of these labels will be spark-plug to help increase the nation's recycling rates."

Bruce Parker

Retired CEO NSWMA (leading U.S. hauler association)

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