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And we're not biting our tongue.

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Meet the Author
Alexa Green

I am the next generation of movers and shakers who is ready to fix recycling for good! I grew up in Miami, Florida where I became passionate about the environment and especially marine and coastal ecosystems. I graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A. in Sustainability Studies and a B.S. in Psychology. During my first internship I created a scorecard to assess the maturity of sustainability plans and efforts across the state of Florida. From that, I met Mitch Hedlund and was hired to help with the Florida Let's Recycle Right campaign. Now I am the Director of National Outreach for Recycle Across America and the official blogger for everything RAA. 


When I began working with RAA, I thought that I was simply making a difference each time I put a can in the recycling bin. But little did I know there was a whole mess of inconsistencies, conflicts, and deeply rooted issues behind the scenes of the recycling industry. I was, as most Americans may be, clueless to the reality that we are living in today. We have goals of zero waste and conferences discussing progress and rewarding good behavior, but the foundation is crumbling beneath our feet - fast. The purpose for this blog is to both inform and empower the reader. The standardized label solution for recycling bins make it easier for people to recycle right, wherever they are. Just as standardized stop signs reduced confusion and accidents at the intersection, the standardized labels will reduce confusion and costly contamination at the bin. It's a no brainer. 


I am changing the world. Care to join me?

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