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Whole Foods Market

adopts the standardized labels!

The nation’s leading provider of natural and organic groceries is participating in this national movement to help advance its waste diversion goals and to support a society-wide standardized label solution for recycling bins to promote proper recycling throughout society. As a retailer and manufacturer of goods, Whole Foods Market recognizes the direct correlation between society recycling properly and the ability to use recycled content in the manufacturing of packaging and products at a cost that is more competitive than virgin materials. Subsequently, this solution helps preserve natural resources and reduces the amount of waste going into oceans, waterways and sea life.

A quote from Whole Foods' Northeast Regional Green Mission Coordinator Karen Franczyk:

When the Whole Foods Market - North Atlantic Region started using the standardized labels in their stores, their recycling levels increased so dramatically in the first year - that despite opening three new stores in that region that year, the overall amount of materials that went to the landfills for the year region-wide was less than the previous year's total prior to opening the three new stores.  Even with more stores, there was less waste going to landfills due to the standardized labels increasing their region's recycling levels.”   

Why join the standardized label solution?

Confusing labels on recycling bins is causing the recycling industry to collapse.  Read more.

Solution: Society-wide
standardized labels for recycling bins.

Standardized labels on recycling bins are the #1 solution for the environment today because they make it easier for people to begin to recycle right.  Recycling is the most important action society can do to simultaneously help the environment, the economy, manfuacturing and to prevent waste from going into oceans -- but recycling doesn't work if society is confused at the bin.  The standardized labels are proven to help increase recycling levels 50-100% and significantly decrease the costly garbage thrown in recycling bins.  

It's that simple.

Problem: Confusion at the recycling bin equals garbage.