Along with our partners at International Waste Platform and other collaborators, we have just presented a strategy and proven solutions at the United Nations Sea of Solutions conference to end the global recycling crisis and begin solving the waste in oceans crisis.
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Recycle Across the World® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expediting environmental progress and dedicated to stopping waste from going into oceans, waterways, and bellies of sea-life. To do this, we have created the first and only society-wide standardized label solution to display on recycling and compost bins, which make it easy and possible for the public to be able to recycle and compost properly wherever they are. To coincide with this, we have created an international "Let's recycle right!®" public education campaign. 


We have created the society-wide standardized labeling system because, in order for recycling and closed-loop manufacturing to actually live up to its environmental and economic potential, it requires everyone, everywhere to be able to recycle correctly


Quite simply, recycling is far too important to be confusing. This simple two-part proven solution will dramatically change the waste crisis in the world.  We hope you will consider joining us to implement the standardized labels on the bins in your country, community, and organization.  If you'd like to start displaying the standardized labels on your recycling bins and be part of the international nonprofit "Let's recycle right!" celebrity featured education campaign, please email us.


Let's recycle right!®

3 fundamentals for Change.


We must start protecting waterways, oceans, sea-life,

and this beautiful earth that we rely on to exist. 

We must conserve our resources. 


Creating a successful recycling culture throughout society is the most effective way to prevent waste from going into oceans.  


In countries that have a strong recycling culture, the public is aware that these materials are valuable and need to get back to manufacturers to reuse.  


Society-wide standardized labels on bins

create a strong recycling culture, because they

make it easy and possible for the public to recycle properly.

We're in the News...

U.S. Congresswoman McCollum presents the standardized label solution for recycling bins to the U.S. Congress.   

If you'd like your country to be part of the society-wide standardized labeling solution and the

international "Let's recycle right!" campaign, please email us.  

The Appropriations Bill passes in U.S. Congress!

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Here are brand leaders in the U.S. that are starting to use the standardized labels for their recycling bins in their organizations.